Mike Izon Brings out ‘Summer Days are here again’

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Music is often a reflection of our time. It showcases the feelings of the world and takes inspiration from our current state of being. In his new song “Summer Days Are Here Again”, Mike Izon displays the burst of joy and energy that has come from us being able to get back outside and enjoy life in a post-Covid world.

            The track is a genuine one. While it recognizes the hardship that we have faced over these past 18 months, it looks towards the future and focuses on the positive. It is a song that is full of life and celebration, reminding us of what we have been waiting to return to for so long. During the height of the pandemic, many of us often felt isolated from our loved ones and were not hopeful when it came to making it through this difficult period. There was a cloud of despair that seemed neverending. Izon celebrates a departure from these feelings and uses his song as an introduction to a life beyond pain and sadness. It is full of life and exuberance, exemplifying the energy and feelings of peace and happiness.

            “Summer Days Are Here Again” is a song that can instantly put you in a good mood. It is upbeat and combines elements of genres such as reggae and island pop to result in something that can appeal to anyone. Izon mends together beautiful harmonies on top of excellent production. He includes elements such as a reggae-esque guitar progression that instantly connects you with thoughts of vacations, days at the pool, and spending quality time with the ones you cherish.

            Along with the song, Izon has released a new music video to go along with the track. It features him among his family and friends, enjoying the sunshine and making the most of these summer days. Much like the song itself, the video is colorful and full of life. It also features elements of Hawaiian life, tying back into Izon’s background as a Honolulu native.

            “Summer Days Are Here Again” is the ultimate song of the summer. It includes all the best parts of a tune that can lift your spirits while still having a message that is heartfelt and reflective. Izon has proven his musical expertise once again and continues to make waves within the industry.

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