Maniza Releases Her Electro Pop Debut

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 Maniza is making significant waves. She lives in a space where music, art, social consciousness and a drive to change the world for a better place, all meets in onespace.

 Maniza has just released the highly rhythmic single Street Sweeper, from her full-length album Street-Sweeper’s Going Home, produced by Ludwig Bouwer.


Born in South Africa, this 22-years young artist is a global citizen, and as such has set her goals on positive global change, via music and art as her vehicle to open humanity’s eyes to the social and economic imbalances so evident in modern society.


 Just as Maniza does not fit into a single box, her music echoes her passion to colour outside the lines and conventions of stereotypes. Using a palette of electronic and synth-based beats and textures, blended with found sounds as well as undertones of jazz, classical, hip-hop and African rhythmic elements, Maniza is already surpassing boundaries through her Bjorg-esque style of musical storytelling, while at the same time unapologetically opening the audience’s minds with her brilliant, and often, straight shooting lyrics. As a classical trained pianist and violinist, Maniza is a singer/songwriter with an unstoppable passion to ignite a spark for the betterment of the world.

The world needs to listen to Maniza, her music and her message.


Not just keeping her sights in South Africa – Maniza has also released her single Internationally via the UK and US Club Circuit and is hoping to make inroads there with her crossover sound.


“Street-Sweepers Coming Home ” is available on all digital channels


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