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“I don’t wanna waste no time / trying to get close to you / I don’t wanna waste no time / I have no more to lose”

            The signature lyrics sung by Kamalzi — an up and coming Christian Hip-Hop artist from Kansas City, Missouri — on his new track, “Time”, set the basis for the whole of this inspiring song. “Time” takes listeners on a journey; backed by lyrics that inspire and a simple, yet hard-hitting beat, the song steps outside the box of a lot of modern music to truly connect with its listeners.

            One of the most exciting aspects of this song is how it manages to blend a variety of unique musical elements. Kalmazi takes you to church with his music, but with a twist that brings together Christian themed messages and characteristics of modern Hip-Hop. The fusion of these two genres creates something unlike any other. The result is a song that is fun to listen to on the surface, while simultaneously being genuine and giving you something to think about.

            The song begins with a guitar riff that is reminiscent of the classic sounds of gospel instrumental music. It is this that provides a familiar sound before soon transforming into a track that does its own thing and is truly unique to Kamalzi as an individual. The melodic opening to the lyrics followed by the transition into rapping proves Kalmazi’s musical abilities. He has a great voice that upholds the more songful sections of the track, but also has a distinctive flow that is perfect for the quicker paced parts. These merge together, each having their own rightful place in the song, to create a nice balance that works well. 

            As with most of Kamalzi’s music, the underlying message of the song connects back to his faith in God and his background as a Christian. He infuses his music with his beliefs in a way that is powerful, yet relevant. The theme is an inspiring one. It is meant to motivate the listener to be in tune with their goals in life and put in the work to achieve them. Along with this, he makes the point that your setbacks should not stop you, but rather propel you to work harder. It is not often that an encouraging message such as this is put into music which is what makes it so impactful.

            Even if you may not have the same beliefs as Kamalzi, the basic message and storyline is one that anyone can align themselves with — everyone has gone through hard times, but it is important that you always pick yourself back up in the long run.

            All in all, “Time” is a moving song that anyone will love regardless of their preferred music type. He has continued to establish himself as a pioneer in this genre and is making great strides for the future of his career.

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