JEREMY LOOPS Celebrates ‘Trading Change’ Gold Sales with Deluxe Edition Release and National Tour

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Jeremy Loops’ debut album ‘Trading Change’ has officially gone gold in SA!


Trading Change has sold over 20,000 copies since its release in 2014, and is enjoying similar fanfare in North America, where the album debuted at #17 on Bilboard’s Heatseeker Chart the week of 24 August.


Speaking on this remarkable achievement for a debut release, Rob Cowling, Deputy General Manager at Gallo Record Company, says: “The record label, band and management are so stoked to see this album hit 20 000 units plus as a debut. The hard work has paid off, and with social media and extensive touring, Jeremy has grown his fan base and captivated audiences the world over.  Thanks to them for all the support and everyone who bought the CD or downloaded the album!”


Milestones are plentiful in the Jeremy Loops camp, as his hit single ‘Down South’ also reaches over 1 Million Plays on Spotify, which is evident as his following abroad is growing rapidly too.


To celebrate the Gold status sales of the album, Jeremy Loops releases the Deluxe Edition of ‘Trading Change’, adding four bonus tracks alongside live versions of ‘Down South’ and ‘Sinner’, two of his highest charting tracks from the album.

Bonus Tracks include ‘Power Changes’ featuring Cassper Nyovest, ‘Quiet The Sun’ featuring Maya Pounia, a singer from Reunion island and ‘See I wrote it for You’, a crowd favourite for those familiar with Loops’ music.


Overwhelmed with Trading Change’s success, Jeremy Loops says “A debut album is supposed to be your introduction to the world, your big statement as a musician, and for my debut to go gold is beyond even my loftiest hopes. It speaks a lot to the support my community has given us. Trading Change’s success here at home, and its momentum overseas, where it debuted at #17 on Billboard’s heatseekers chart, is crazy for me to see.”

He adds: ‘What’s especially cool is we’ve recently released Trading Change Deluxe, which let me add new songs I’m really excited about, and gives the album a fresh spin ahead of its European release. Musicians dream of people knowing their music, but for people to purchase albums and attend your shows is the greatest compliment. I’m just grateful for all that’s happening and continues to happen.’


Get the DELUXE EDITION of ‘Trading Change’ in Music Stores Nationwide and online at iTunes now –

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