Jack + Ella–Hometown – Review

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Jack + Ella are a country duo based in London, UK.  Their music is rooted in country, with infectious and catchy pop rock hooks.

Their influences include artists like Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, John Mayer, Lady Antebellum, Florida Georgia Line and Taylor Swift.

Both Jack and Ella are rock guitarists at heart and love to integrate the sound of rock n roll and male-female vocal harmonies in their country songs.

Jack + Ella met when they were 16 at a young talent competition that their dads had taken them to. Years later, in May 2016, they re-connected after recognising their musical and personality similarities over social media!

They realised very quickly that their writing and playing styles complimented each other too well for them to keep pursuing their own music without each other – and so their official partnership was formed !

The duo are gearing up to release their debut single ‘Hometown’ on 3 April 2017, with an EP entitled ‘Ready’ to follow two weeks after on 17 April 2017. They will then be playing shows across the UK for the rest of the year as well as starting work towards their first studio album.


Jack + Ella are a breath of fresh air in a world of over manufactured pop songs that all sound the same. It’s wonderful to listen to such well constructed beautiful songs and their voices go together like Jam and butter, sweet and delicious with a super country twist, we love Jack + Ella they could go all the way to the top – 10/10. 

Check out their new single ‘Hometown’ 


Jack + Ella online at http://www.jackandellamusic.com

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