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El de Soul – an all rounded, atypical musical Minister – is a keyboardist, guitar player, songwriter, composer and singer from Mangaung Bloemfontein. This 30 year old’s first solo offering is a single called “Quite Difficult” from his soon to be released album.

This soul-coustic love song ‘QUITE DIFFICULT’ is a window into what is to be an exciting, urban and fresh approach to his music ministry.

This PK (Pastor’s Kid) has through the years drawn from many musical influences but was initially influenced and inspired by his late uncle who was himself a song writer, and the pioneering keyboardist behind the legendary Sammy Malete.

His first stint as a recording musician was with a local folk/contemporary band, which went by the name Sweid. This was somehow a preparation for the venture into his own solo career as he later signed with Victa Mo Hood Recording Company.

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