I Can’t Breathe (The Last Cry) from ‘Rico Nevotion’ Has been gaining major heartfelt feedback from all over the world

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I Can’t Breathe (The Last Cry) Has been gaining major heart felt feedback all over the world. Rico Nevotion has shared the stage with other great artists such as Celine Deon, Beyoncé, KC & JoJo, Silk, Anthony Hamilton, Avant, and many more! Touring places like Japan, Mexico, Dubai, South Africa, and London as well as most states in the US.

Rico Nevotion has won over a dozen Music awards for Best R&B Artist, Best Live Performance, Marvin Gaye award and 2018-2019’s Best R&B/Soul Album by Akademia and many more. Also starring in the TV Series ‘I’m Goin To Church’ and movies; ‘Set In Her Ways’ and ‘Bunny and Clyde’. He has also starred and directed in a variety of plays such as ‘This Aint No Relationship’, ‘Riot’ and ‘I’m a Deadbeat Who’. Rico was made to entertain us in every way, shape, and form. From the depths of these streets, to the depths of his soul, Rico Nevotion captures a wide spectrum of audiences.

With his smooth combination of R&B and cross over Hip Hop, Rico grabs and sustains the attention of all ages. His soulful voice is one of strength and emotion. His powerful vocals flow straight to the heart and soul, touching even the casual listener. Rico is passionate about reaching out to the youth sharing his own experience with gangs, prison, relationships, and mortality, while delivering a message of hope and understanding from how he turned his life around to become a respected member of his community.

He has been honored and recognized by mayors of multiple cities in Minnesota for this work. Born in a city of great music legends Memphis, Tennessee, Rico captivates the hearts of older audiences as well. Known as a man who can sing about anything, Rico’s unique approach to music captivates all walks of life.


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