Hip Hop Abroad: In Conversation with RawKRX

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Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, RawKRX are living proof that raw talent,ambition and honesty can still prevail in an ailing music industry. By aligning their unwavering dedication of the do-it yourself system,they have developed their own sound and hip hop style.

RAWKRX is made up of three artists with unimaginable talents, Kaysolid, RemèOddandRealX. At the brink of releasing their debut EP titled New.Wav.  RawKRX speaks to its generation and their music has a demanding effect on their listeners.A talent that Sheer Publishing could not ignore.They are official members of Sheer Publishing,one of SouthAfrica and Africa’s leading publishing
companies,their first milestone in the beginning of the year of 2017 and many more to come.

It’s a fierce world out there and RawKRX have grasped the intensity and pressure that comes with it. With their drive and ridiculous hunger for success,RawKRX is surely the group you want to lookout for in 2017. 

Q: Your new single Balance is hot stuff – tell us what inspired you to write this track?
A: What inspired us to write Balance is the circumstances that we are in at the moment. Trying to find a balance between ordinary life and our music al aspirations. We have responsibilities that need to be balanced out between our drive and passion to succeed in the music industry. 
Q: who is influencing you in the music biz, recently?
A:  Tory Lanez, Drake, Travis Scott,, Kanye West, and old classic legends like Peter Tosh Bob Marley
Q: What is the South African Hip Hop scene like compared to the International scene – what are the similarities and differences?
A: The South African hip hop scene is in a development phase in terms of sound, fashion, visuals and shows  whereas the International scene already has all those elements and is just improving on them. The similarities are the style and swag in terms of image. The slang and the colloquial is also similar. The differences is that our sound has an African element to it whereas the International scene uses their original sound from the beginning of hip hop.
Q: Hip Hop / Trap is always about the bling and the rewards you get from your music, what other rewards do you think you get that are more spiritual than materialistic?
We get to inspire the youth and show that it’s possible to succeed at a young age. We get to also improve people’s self esteem and show them that it’s okay to be different and be who you are.
Q: Where do you stay in South Africa, describe your neighbourhood to us and what influences you to write new music everyday?
A: We’re based in Gauteng, city of gold, in a small town called Nigel close to Johannesburg. It’s a urban neighbourhood that is very quiet and calm. Our everyday lives and day-to-day encounters.
Q: There are 3 of you in the group – describe each member to me in one sentence
A: Remè Odd – I’m the son of God the Bible never mentioned.
Kaysolid – I’m what scientists can’t separate, coffee and milk.
Real X – The unsolvable X.
Q: Johannesburg is one of the top spots for hot new hip hops acts out of SA – who do you think is the best writer or rapper and why?
A: AKA. He changed the music scene in South Africa. He was able to blend old African sounds with his music of which it’s a creative aspect that other artists lack.
Q: Lastly – write a rhyme for us here about Music Hit Box and SA Hip Hop – It can be one verse long 🙂
Look at the squad, They know who we are, Different with it we ain’t regular, A golden heart but it’s just filled with scars, Turning tables when we making moves, Burning bridges from a tiny fuse, From a place where you just always lose, Broken dreams but we just stay awokeHustle harder not to be broke, The character of SA Hip Hop, We ain’t thinking out of the music hit box, If you ain’t got thick skin rather stay soft, Madiba spoke to Raw and said you boys got it, Show them freedom that we all about it






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