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It’s fairly rare to find a film that deals with a controversial, serious real life subject and that manages to wow both as a motion picture, as well as an accurate depiction of events, but that is most definitely the case for the recently released “Flint Tale”. Tracking the immediate aftermath of the disastrous Flint Water Crisis (which revealed that the water sources in the area of Flint, Michigan were all contaminated), the film is the very first picture dealing with what happened to actually be shot on location, in Flint, and by a Michigan native, to boot, in the form of Foremost Entertainment founder, Marc Cayce.

Cayce, who is an independent film director and record producer, wanted the film to feel as realistic as possible and to really transport the viewer to Flint, if only for a couple of hours. This is why, in the making of “Flint Tale”, he focused on hiring local talent, such as famed artist Bootleg from the Dayton Family, with the track “City of Lead”, on which he collaborated with Mikki Wade. as the title suggests, the track is very much about the crisis itself, and Bootleg yelling “we got lead in our water” really brings the message home.


Then, of course, we have other renowned artists from outside of Michigan, in the form of Intelligent Diva, with her sensual “Sexy Walk”, which has been making waves across the music scene ever since its release. The appearance of artists like Big Ty Stick, with the track “We All We Got”, also adds an extra layer of emotion to the movie, especially with the moving speech in the beginning of the track.

The film also features the debuts of Orlando Peay, who appears as an actor, but is also featured on the soundtrack, with his catchy tune “Couple of Days”, and the lyrical debut of artist KellieKell, whose emotional track “Mama” brings out yet another face of this brilliant, controversial movie.

Lastly, we have Troy Laz in collab with Allegra White on the track “Livin the Life”, which makes you want to dance and with its sweet rhythm, almost makes you forget the somber subject of the film.

The “Flint Tale” soundtrack is available on Spotify right now, and we highly encourage you to give it a listen, as well as see the movie!




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