‘Eva No’ announces an exciting new work titled “Batteries” featuring 8 new songs.

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Eva No is an artist and songwriter who loves to keep things interesting in music. She does so by achieving a modern and fresh sound, which seamlessly blurs the lines between a wide variety of styles. From the melodic punch of modern pop down to the energy of electronic music, there are no rules and Eva No is always open to anything.

Recently, Eva No actually announced a new work titled “Batteries”. This release features 8 songs (including 3 remixes of what happens to be the flagship songs on this EP, the stunning “I Don’t Know”).

The release stands out as a great introduction to Eva No, and a testament to the fact that she always loves to set the bar higher and challenge herself musically, while still retaining a very catchy and personable attitude. The music will immediately capture the listeners’ imagination through immersive melodies, lush soundscapes and lyrics that are very easy for the listener to identify with and relate to. Fans of artists such as Halsey, ABBA, Katy Perry, and Madonna will most definitely be able to connect with the heart and soul of “Batteries”, and by extention, with Eva No’s broad-reaching music vision as a whole!

Find out more about Eva No, and listen to “Batteries”. This release is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming services out there.


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