Elevating the Soundwaves: DJ Self Born’s Dynamic 6th Release ‘A Ride With Chev Chelios’ is out now.

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DJ SELF BORN returns in style with his ground-breaking 6th release “A Ride With Chev Chelios”. Experience the rhythmic fusion of rap, hip-hop, jazz, and soul on this electrifying album. With a bass-heavy production that pulsates through your veins and a seamless blend of genres, each track takes you on a journey where world-renowned rappers and artists come together in perfect harmony.

DJ SELF BORN is a true multi-talented artist who goes beyond being just a DJ. Hailing from Chicago’s Southside, he has mastered the art of DJing in various arenas, including radio, nightclubs, corporate events, and private parties. Renowned as the “celebrity’s favorite,” DJ SELF BORN has had the privilege of performing alongside notable figures like Vanessa Bell Calloway, Gabrielle Union, Tony Rock, Donnell Rawlings, Dwayne Wade, and Warren Sapp.

In 2020, DJ SELF BORN joined forces with the legendary Chicago group and old friends, Abstract Mindstate. Collaborating with legend Kanye West, he produced their album “Dreams Still Inspire,” with DJ SELF BORN providing his signature scratches.

DJ Self Born has captivated both critics and fans alike with a series of exceptional projects. Each release has garnered significant acclaim and has been featured in numerous esteemed music publications. Some of his notable recent works include “Heaven Is A Studio, God Is A DJ,” “Bigger Than Rap Music,” “Rich Plug, Poor Plug,” “The Sky-Cave Kid Superhero Adventures,” and “I’m Not O.C.D., Everything Just Has To Be Perfect.”.

Featuring an exceptional lineup of renowned artists, including Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Benny The Butcher, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Freddie Gibbs, Conway The Machine, Westside Gunn, Black Thought, Nipsey Hussle, Nas, EPMD, and Eminem, this album unites their immense talents with DJ Self Born’s innovative production.

Prepare for an electrifying musical experience with “A Ride With Chev Chelios,” the innovative album brought to life by DJ Self Born. Inspired by the adrenaline-fueled movie “Crank,” this dynamic project seamlessly merges the film’s high-octane premise with DJ Self Born’s hip beats and infectious melodies.

Just like the film’s protagonist, Chev Chelios, DJ Self Born finds himself injected with an extraordinary force – music. To stay alive and keep the rhythm flowing through his veins, DJ Self Born must continue creating music, propelling himself forward in an unstoppable pursuit of sonic ecstasy. “A Ride With Chev Chelios” immerses listeners in a relentless sonic and hip journey, as DJ Self Born unleashes a barrage of bass-heavy grooves, hypnotic melodies, and exhilarating drops. Each track mirrors the intensity of Chev Chelios’ quest for survival, captivating listeners with its unyielding energy. Make sure you check it out online.


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