CSS Music Says: “No Jive, You Get Five” Royalty Free Tunes vs One from Competitors

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CSS Music has expanded its “You Pick ‘em Plan” by adding an additional pricing tier that allows music licensees to select and download 5 tunes from anywhere on the firm’s website, www.cssmusic.com. The cost of this new tier is $65. Downloads can be taken at any time and do not expire as with some subscription plans.

CSSMusic.com visitors can use any of 4 search systems including the latest in fingerprint music identification technology “Exact-a-Track” that allows searching by comparing sound recording waveforms. This is similar in some respects to Google’s Content ID music recognition system.

Other search tools available are curated “Hot Genre” Playlists and Single and Multiple Keyword searching by style and genre. Once suitable selections have been identified, users can use the CSS Music free Playlist Utility to organize their music by project, scene, genre, etc. Playlists can be e-mailed to clients or associates. Downloads can be executed in 5 popular file formats.

CSS Music Managing Director, Mike Fuller, says “our new ‘You Pick ‘em Plan’ tier at $65 for 5 tracks costs about the same as one track from competitive libraries. As I like to say, ‘No Jive, You Get Five’. 5 tracks from any where on our site. And perhaps equally important, the CSS Standard License provides one of the biggest bundles of rights of any royalty free music library. Dare to Compare music libraries for Quality, Selection and Service”.

There are 4 other pricing tiers in the CSS “You Pick ‘em Plan” 10, 50, 100 and 500 downloads. Also available is a Rollover Download Subscription Plan. Tunes also can be downloaded on a single track basis or end users can take advantage of an earned discount plan that automatically kicks in. Entire Albums can also be downloaded in 3 file formats including master quality non-compressed .aif format as well as Apple Lossless and mp3 320.

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