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The new full length album from singer/songwriter Chris Lewington is entitled ‘Landells Road’ and was named after the studio it was recorded in which seems to be an ode to The Beatles album ‘Abbey Road’. You can definitely hear The Beatles influences on this record but it’s not a copy of their sound at all it’s actually a very unique and distinctive record that has strong classic influences but it’s own unique and melodic sound.

The Harrison esque single ‘Perfect Afternoon’ has a massive production with huge strings and a lovely and relaxing melody perfect for a gin and tonic on a sunday afternoon while the track ‘London Girl’ would have gone down very well on a Dylan album. Chris is no one trick pony which is illustrated on the rocking track ‘Watching you watching me’ which has a powerful almost ‘Alice Cooper’ rock sound and amazing lead solos. It’s great to see that the U.K is still delivering real homegrown talent that measures up to the classics like ELO, The Beatles, Queen and more. It’s actually astonishing that Chris Lewington has managed to create such a big well produced sound in a much smaller studio than Abbey Road and so we give it a mighty 10/10. and would suggest checking this out on SPOTIFY now !


Chris Lewington is a singer/songwriter based in South London.

The brand new album from Chris Lewington is entitled ‘Landells Road’ and was named after the studio it was recorded in.

In his own words Chris says “Landells Road. Not exactly studio 2. Not even a Zebra crossing. A bedroom and a laptop. I recorded it entirely using Apple Logic in a typical 2 up 2 down house in a street somewhere in South London. Sounds like a whole band and an orchestra walked into a London semi and came out with something that sounds like a band and an orchestra. A bit like another band that named their album after the studio it was recorded in”.

Chris Lewington is influenced by classic acts like The Beatles, Paul Simon, Scott Walker, Bruce Springsteen, Ennio Morricone, John Barry, Lal Waterson, Arthur Lee, Jim Webb, Barry Gray, Francois Hardy, First Aid Kit, Daisy House, Calexico, Fleet Foxes, Warpaint, Prince, Smoke Faeries, Bill Drake, Judee Sill, Emiliana Torrini, Estrella Morente, Natasha Atlas, Steven Wilson, Gene Clark and The Unthanks.

In his own words Chris describes his music as “it’s classic rock and pop with a bit of a folky influence but fresh with little bits of silver surfer rock”

Chris Lewington previously played in ‘The Bicycle Thieves’ who released the singles “Waterfront” and “Ghostdance” and worked with Tony Visconti. 

Chris Lewington also played in ‘The Silence’ who released the singles ‘A Car in Denmark’ and ‘The Hangmans Beautiful Daughter’ which can be found on the compilation album ‘A Splash of Colour’ as well as playing with the ‘Famous Blue Raincoats’ a folky style ensemble.

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The new album ‘Landells Road’ from Chris Lewington is his debut solo album and is out now on Sun Zoom Spark Records.


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