Bruz Newton Releases New Single “Bariki”

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Black Market Records has announced the release of the new single from Bruz Newton “Bariki”. This new song brings gospel and dance music together with its spiritual lyrics and uptempo beat. This collaboration contains some of the most talented artists in Africa. Bruz Newton has been consistently creating music that has garnered a huge following. His dynamic dance moves have gone viral and created many challenges as others attempt to recreate his electric steps. Exodus is a multi-talented Ugandan star that has numerous songs of his own and he continues to gain fame with his distinctive style. Set to the solid production of Daddy Andre whose sonic sound has been sweeping through Africa, this song captures an undeniable vibe that is contagious.

This song is ready for the radio and accompanied by a video that showcases the cool coordinated dance moves that have made Bruz Newton’s choreography so catchy. Bruz Newton is backed by Black Market Records which is a global record label that has established a strong presence in Africa bringing light to the rich talent that this continent has to offer. This single will be available to all channels of distribution.

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Bruz Newton featuring Exodus “Bariki”

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