Artist Spotlight: KushTee on His New Album ‘It’s All Kushtee’ – An Interview on Creativity and Personal Growth

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‘KushTee’ has just dropped his hot new album ‘It’s All Kushtee’.

Tell us about why you made your album and what is it about?

I made this album because before i dropped it i only had 2 songs out, i felt like these songs were really outdated and i knew i could do better. I also wanted to show people that im not just a 1 trick pony and can also dip into different genres so I felt it was right to make an album to show off what i can really do and show people listening that i’m here to stay!

What was your process for creating the project. Did you write in studio, find beats online?

I wrote this whole project at home, slowly adding to songs day by day until they were complete, then i tweaked them until they were perfect for me. I get all my beats online using YouTube and Beatstars but i’m extremely picky with my beats and will not write on anything until i 100% feel it.

What are your favourite songs off the project?

My Favourite songs in this project are Slide, 9-5 and Back to funk. Out of these favourites Back to Funk definitely stands out to me the most as i love the funky vibe it has and i ended up using this beat and song for my stepdad as he asked if i could use something funky… so i did.

What are your plans moving forward for 2023.

For the rest of this year i want to push this album for another month or 2 then get ready to drop another project around October time. But i’m going to make sure every drop for the rest of the year is a step up each time as I’m beginning to get comfortable with my style and what i want to do with it.

When you’re not making music, what activities do you enjoy?

When I’m not making music I’m working full time as a scaffolder but when I’m not doing that I’m surrounding myself with family and friends and doing activities together.


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