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Brush with death galvanizes eclectic songstress Cami Galles into releasing uplifting soul-pop solo debut, Correlated. Hot New Female Artists Music News Music Tips New Music New Releases Singer/Songwiters 

Brush with death galvanizes eclectic songstress Cami Galles into releasing uplifting soul-pop solo debut, Correlated.

Cami Galles has known since the age of 4 she was here to sing. Yet, over the years, she’s succumbed to her own fears and yielded to the misguided directions of others. In December 2018, while in Bali, Cami nearly died, and from her hospital bed the Chicago-based artist vowed if she survived she would finally release her debut album.... Read More
LOVE + FEAR – MARINA Music Tips New Music 


“It was quite earth shattering,” Marina Diamandis tells Apple Music. “The feeling of not knowing what you want to do with your life is terrifying. And I’d never had that before because I had the luxury of being very focused for 10 years.” The singer/songwriter is describing the career knife-edge she found herself on after 2015’s Froot. Fortunately, an extended... Read More
Jade Bird – Jade Bird Music Tips New Music 

Jade Bird – Jade Bird

A barn just outside Woodstock, New York, can take a significant amount of credit for Jade Bird’s debut album. “I’ve written five of my singles there,” the Northumberland singer-songwriter tells Apple Music. “It belongs to the album’s producer, Simone Felice, and it is magical, absolutely. There’s a crazy dog that sits outside and doesn’t let anyone near her, and inside... Read More
Not Waving, But Drowning – Loyle Carner Music Tips New Music 

Not Waving, But Drowning – Loyle Carner

In 2017, Yesterday’s Gone established Loyle Carner as one of hip-hop’s more soul-baring, confessional songwriters. “I had to do a lot of work on myself,” he tells Apple Music. “I asked myself questions: Some were scary, some were cool.” We meet the south Londoner in a typically reflective mood on his intelligent, compelling, and jazzy second album. This time, however,... Read More
Late Night Feelings – Mark Ronson Music Tips New Music 

Late Night Feelings – Mark Ronson

“Honesty, heartbreak, love, lust, elation: Those concepts are in a lot of music that I love, but it’s just never been something I’ve attempted on my own records,” DJ-turned-superproducer Mark Ronson tells Apple Music about the genesis of his upcoming fifth album. “When I dip into other people’s worlds—whether it’s Queens of the Stone Age or Gaga, whoever—that’s when I... Read More
COSMIC – Bazzi Music Tips New Music New Releases 

COSMIC – Bazzi

R&B-influenced pop singer/songwriter Bazzi hit the mainstream after finding viral success with his breakthrough single, “Mine.” Born Andrew Bazzi to Lebanese-American parents in Dearborn, Michigan, he was a natural performer from a young age, imitating Elvis and Ricky Martin as a child and later playing oud and acoustic guitar. At the end of high school, he moved to Los Angeles... Read More
Be More Kind – Frank Turner Music Tips New Music New Releases 

Be More Kind – Frank Turner

A former member of punk rock band Million Dead, Frank Turner turned his attention to folkier, acoustic music after the demise of the hardcore outfit. He has since transformed himself into a singer and songwriter of consequential folk-punk rebel songs (that cover topics as such atheism, excessive drinking, and the power of rock & roll). Drawing press comparisons to Billy... Read More