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Bongani Banda “Remedy’ was born in Soweto (Meadowlands). A talented lyricist and New Age Kwaito loverA meeting with Local DJ/ producer Thabo Mkhize (Mongameli) led to a unique colab and the birth of their own Record label (Mkhukhu Records), where they decided to pursue commercial new school Hip Hop.

Remedy’s real life street township experience shines through in his music in a raw truly African sound. Time to take his music to the mainstream, Remedy releases his debut single ‘S’bonise; – a New School Hip Hop hit fused with New Age Kwaito. We caught up with Remedy Inbox Style and asked him what gets the beat going:

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Hi Remedy, we have checked out your song and like it a lot. You started out as New School Kwaito but have gone more hip hop. Explain that process?
 It was an amazing experience and it was not an easy one, but through passion I managed.
Who is S’bonise? What is the song inspired by?
S’bonise is the song about the lady who can really twerk and it is inspired by Wiggle wiggle
Who are the Hip Hop acts in SA who you think are making the most noise and influence on the scene and why?
Em-Tee, Ricky rick, KO and AKA, their music is very nice and I think they understand the game.
Are you planning on releasing a Mixtape or full album anytime soon?
A full album (Cocktail) coming out next year
Where did you record the single?
in our studio Mkhukhu records
 You grew up in Soweto, tell us about some of the experiences you have had in street rapping etc that have allowed you to grow and release a commercial single?
I have been rapping for years and I learned a lot from my past mistakes and other rappers that what enabled me to grow to a strong SA artist.
What would be your ultimate live performance? Who would you wan to collaborate with and why? Local or international
I would want to collaborate with Ricky rick locally and Kanye West internationally
What are the challenges for a new breaking artist in the SA Music industry?
The biggest challenge is to get exposed that’s why we have to produce the best music.
Tell us who Remedy is in one sentence
Remedy is the new hip hop artist who will make it big in the music industry
What’s the plan for 2016?
I am expecting a big break and to produce a platinum selling album.