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MindMassage is a new concept in sound produced by mastermind ‘Alexander Golombeck’ who drops the radical ‘Witness’ EDM, Dance and House Music News Music Tips New Music New Releases 

MindMassage is a new concept in sound produced by mastermind ‘Alexander Golombeck’ who drops the radical ‘Witness’

MindMassage music unites meditation and mindfulness with funky groovy jams and catchy beats. Created by hypnotherapist Alexander Golombeck, MindMassage includes guided meditations, mindfulness, electronic dance, spoken word, singing, live violin and saxophone. Hypnotherapy and guided mediations are often combined with music, whether it’s to relax, focus or to assist in suspending your thoughts for a while. The concept behind MindMassage... Read More
I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions – Santigold Music Tips New Music New Releases 

I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions – Santigold

The stage name of singer/songwriter/producer Santi White, Santigold fuses punk, reggae, grime, and indie rock with electro. Originally dubbing herself Santogold — a nickname given to her by friends — her diverse musical background is reflected in acclaimed albums and singles including 2008’s Santogold and “L.E.S. Artistes.” Born in Philadelphia, White grew up listening to reggae, jazz, Fela Kuti and... Read More
Family Portrait – Ross from Friends Music Tips New Music New Releases 

Family Portrait – Ross from Friends

U.K. lo-fi house producer Felix Weatherall (aka Ross from Friends) offsets his blown-out production style with an emotive ear for melody. Hailing from Colchester, Weatherall went through several bands and solo projects — including a stint with dubstep under the name Munching Beans — before settling on Ross from Friends. He first appeared online using the moniker in 2015, sharing... Read More
Diary Reworks – Michael Price Music Tips New Music New Releases 

Diary Reworks – Michael Price

British composer, arranger, and pianist Michael Price is noted for his myriad film and television scores, orchestrations for popular musicians, and solo recordings. Price began his career in the 1990s composing music intended for contemporary dance and choreography, numerous albums of which were released in a series by the Control Room. Film composer Michael Kamen asked Price to contribute to... Read More
Testament – All Saints Music Tips New Music New Releases 

Testament – All Saints

When they debuted in the early ’90s, All Saints were part of the popular British girl group wave kicked off by Spice Girls. While Spice Girls were all about girl power and character image, the All Saints were music aficionados with a softer, more sophisticated brand tied less to their looks and more to their music. The group came together... Read More
Talk of This Town – Catherine McGrath Music Tips New Music New Releases 

Talk of This Town – Catherine McGrath

Proving not all country artists come from America, Catherine McGrath is an Irish singer and songwriter whose music blends fresh-faced pop with influences straight from Nashville. Born in County Down in Northern Ireland in 1998, McGrath learned guitar from her grandmother, who taught her to play and sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Her parents also sang and played, and were... Read More